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With a sparkling new ring on your finger & your dream venue secured - it's time to choose who you will entrust to capture the moments you will cherish forever.

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Lover of Sushi - Yosemite - Family time - Traveling

About Sarah

I am a natural light photographer based in the San Jose, Ca area

As a photographer, it is truly rewarding to help capture the sincere & raw emotions of you & your family on your special day. Whether it's your wedding, engagement or family gathering, my goal is to help secure those moments that are precious to you - so that you & your family can relive those times & share them with the generations to come.  

Hi All!

Lillian Belle is here - May 6, 2024!


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That's right, baby Lillybelle is here at The Fischback Household! I will be out on maternity leave from May 6- most of June 2024 & will only be taking on 1-3 weddings in July, August & September 2024!

I am incredibly thankful to have had a wonderful & easy delivery - to the point where I will be taking on a few small projects in June! So please feel free to reach out!

I will be back in full swing come October 2024 so make sure to inquire!

Maternity Leave

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